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Vacheron & Constantin Deck watch with up/down indicator "Click" to Login or Register 
I was offered a watch that was impossible for me to refuse, a Vacheron & Constantin
Deck watch in silver with the German Marine insignia of the 3rd Reich. Not everyday you get to see one of these, let alone buy one.
The dial has seen better days, but it is original and hasn't been spoiled by a so called restoration.
The back has been heavily polished, but somehow, whoever was maltreating this beautiful piece, took pity and stopped, but not before a lot of the original numbering was removed/filed down. Luckily the Marine number M 1414 and the eagle can still be seen when looked at from an oblique angle. These watches were made from the 30s and have a 32-hr. Power reserve indicator.
The heart of this is the very fine rhodium-plated movement with big chronometer balance was made to perfection!
These watches were built for military purposes, accuracy was of utmost importance.

To the watch;
Vacheron & Constantin
Deck watch in silver
with German Marine insignia


17 mm - thick
Ø 60 mm - Lug to lug


Vacheron & Constantin, caliber 162, nickel lever movement with Geneva stripes, large balance, Gooseneck whip regulator



large heavy, open 0.925 silver case with the emblems of the 3rd Reich on the back cover.


original silvered dial with black Arabic numerals. Subdial for the seconds at 6 clock position and a 32 hour up-and-down display below the "12".


Anchor chronometer; with up down indicator


For an illustration of the Watch compare:
Eder, N., "Beobachtungsuhren" Callwey Verlag, Munich, 1987, p.148 f, Figure 69, 70b
Dr. Konrad Knirim; German Military Timepieces, page 235


Inside caseback




Best Regards

My WWW collection is now complete, time to look for new ventures!
Posts: 699 | Location: Hannover in Germany | Registered: July 23, 2009
Gorgeous watch Werner. And nice to see you posting here.
Posts: 1499 | Location: Rancho Cucamonga, California USA | Registered: December 20, 2006
Picture of Peter Kaszubski
Nice one and the dial is not that bad looking
for being metal one.
Posts: 4395 | Location: Arizona in the USA | Registered: July 23, 2011
Picture of Ken Habeeb
I wouldn't have guessed that V-C made any watches for the Nazi war machine. I thought the Swiss were neutral. Then again, as I understand it, an American Co called IBM sold machines there at the time as well.
DMs uber alles.

Posts: 921 | Location: California in the USA | Registered: March 25, 2013
IHC Life Member
Picture of William D. White
A beauty. Swiss quality simply doesn't get any better for this era of watchmaking.

Posts: 1568 | Location: San Francisco, California USA | Registered: September 01, 2008
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