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Wristlets (Interesting evolution) "Click" to Login or Register 
Interesting evolution of the wristwatch.

This link is posted with the permission of the article composer; Michael Friedberg.


Thank you Michael!
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Michael Friedberg is to be congratulated for a fine overview of the early history of the wristwatch. I enjoy seeing the old period adds showing straps and other items available back then. Two of the photographs in this article also appear in Konrad Knirim's book on German Military Timepieces, which is also an excellent source of information regarding WWI timepieces.

The term, "fob watch" is interesting. Antique dealers sometimes use this term to describe pocket watches. I'm not sure of the exact meaning of "fob watch?" Is this term specific to a type of pocket watch or only another way to say 'pocket watch'? Any comments would be welcome.

Given my interest in WWI, I would like to see more information about the watches of this era.

Thank you Phil, for posting the link for the article. And please thank Michael Friedberg for granting permission for the link.

Best regards,
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Etimologists (you know ... those people who study insects) tell us that "fob" is from the Dutch "foppe" (Spelling? I'm doing this from memory...), which means "pocket".

Somewhere along the line, "fob" became a noun for the other things that hang off watch chains, rather than just an adjective for a type of watch.
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Interesting article!

VERY well illustrated too.

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