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Hamilton 992B movement marked US Army & US Govt and other questions "Click" to Login or Register 
I will be listing this watch on Ebay. It is a Hamilton 992B marked on the movement US Army & US Govt. The dial is also marked the same way. I have never seen this double mark before. Has anyone? I will also be listing two other Hamilton military watches. See photos below. I would love to hear any comments. Best, Jim


[2] Hamilton 992:

[3] 992B US Govt 24 hour dial:

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If I did not see three Gov. movement in #15 cases I mite of thought recase.In the price guide it has Ca 1945 I don't know if that's the year Hamilton started using this style case?Nice watches.
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Hello Mike,
the 992 I'm almost certain is re-cased. The other two show no signs of other case screw marks. In fact, they almost look like new old stock.
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Beginning with the first watch...

The dial is metal, I believe all the wartime Hamiton 992B watches originally came with porcelain enamel dials. And to my knowledge no Hamilton WWII Government Issue Watch came with "U. S. Gov't." or "Army" on any kind of dial. Simply stated I believe the dial is completely wrong.

On the movement, the "double-markings" we find here may have resulted from someone putting the plates from two different movements on that pillar plate. It is important to remember that plates on the various Hamilton 992B movements are completely interchangeable and are not numbered so some pretty strange combinations show up every now and then. Number C6236 would be from 1941 production and may be too early for either marking, additional research and opinions may help on this subject.

Model 15 Stainless Steel Cases were introduced in 1950 as shown in the letter below this posting so it would not be correct for any WWII movement, the "P-Prefix" number points to a mid-1950s or later case and number P584021 lines up with original watches at the end of Hamilton production in the 1969 time-frame.

Now to the second watch...

The dial, hands and movement may be an original combination. According to the Gelson List number 1308225 dates to 1918 production. The dial is from that era as well.

Once again, the Case Model 15 has to be from 1950 or later, the case number would help narrow it down.

And the third watch...

Movement number C82695 is from 1944 and appears to be correct, but I think that is a melamine dial which was introduced in the early 1950s and so it would be far too late for this or any WWII-era movement.

And as on the other two that Case Model 15 will be from 1950 or later so it is entirely incorrect.

Finally, as Mike quoted the "Complete Guide to Watches" showing 1945 on the Model 15 Case it is very important to point out that is an error that must be corrected. The Model 15 was in fact introduced in mid-1950 according to the Hamilton letter shown below this posting. I do not recall if that particular error is on the list of 2010 corrections but if it reappears we will be doubly sure to have that on the list of corrections for the 2011 edition. Suggested corrections for the "Complete Guide to Watches" may be posted here...

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On case-screw marks all 992B movements have the same case-screw positions. Adding to Mike's comments I do see something that may be an additional mark between "Co." and "992" as well as near the movement number on the second watch. Those would be consistent with that case having previously held a 992B movement, and any way you slice it any 992 looks a bit silly in that far later case.

I highly commend Jim Shutts for asking about these prior to listing, this is a good indication of a worthwhile seller who strives to be accurate in his listings. These are my opinions and further research may be of help for additional clarifications, we all learn something new every day and accuracy is important so anyone with information to help in fine-tuning please do post it in this topic.



Confirmation of Hamilton Case 15 introduction date...

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Well done Lin. That's a very comprehensive rundown on a group of put-together watches. Some of them are messed up enough to be quiz watches.

Best Regards,

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