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FS: German and British Military Timepieces Books "Click" to Login or Register 
IHC Member 478
Any need for a Christmas gift for yourself or a friend?
A must for all watch collectors and all those interested:

==> Military Timepieces
Vol I: Militaeruhren, Watches & Clocks of German Forces
Vol II: British Military Timepieces

Available from the author:
http://www.knirim.de konrad.knirim@t-online.de

Amazon: search for Konrad Knirim (you can order with your local account data)

International booksellers:

Greetings Konrad Knirim

Posts: 85 | Location: Duesseldorf Germany | Registered: March 08, 2005
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These two volums are in my library and they are much used and highly prized.

Anyone interested in horology in general will greatly enjoy these works.

Those of us who collect military timepieces will find these books a must-have and a great source knowledge. Konrad has explored many areas of military horology about which many collectors would otherwise know little to nothing.

While these books are not inexpensive, they are well worth the investment. I cannot recommend them more highly.

Best regards,
Greg Crockett
Posts: 2002 | Location: East Lansing, Michigan USA | Registered: November 24, 2002
I agree with Greg these are excellent books. I am pleased to see that there are a number of international outlets.

Konrad are you able to offer the ISBN numbers for these books in case the forum readers wish to make enquiry at their local book seller?

Konrad I hope you have a merry Christmas.
Posts: 58 | Location: Auckland, New Zealand | Registered: February 28, 2005
IHC Member 478
Thanks Greg & Craig!
I wish you all a nice snowy winter time in the Northern Hemisphere and a Christmas Season with lots of fun at the beaches in the South!
Konrad (in the dark leafless Germany these days)

Military Timepieces by Konrad Knirim

Vol I: Military Timepieces / Militäruhren, Deutsch.-Englisch
150 Years Watches and Clocks of German Forces / 150 Jahre Zeitmessung beim deutschen Militär
(ISBN: 3893552324 / 3-89355-232-4, price 148 €)

Vol II: British Military Timepieces / Uhren Der Britischen Streitkräfte, English/German
Watches and Clocks of Their Majesties Forces / Uhren der britischen Streitkräfte
(ISBN: 389355260X / 3-89355-260-X, price 178 €)
Posts: 85 | Location: Duesseldorf Germany | Registered: March 08, 2005
I am already the proud owner of Konrad's German Timepieces book, and these new posts prodded me to order the British book.
-Because I already have an Amazon account, I ordered mine from Amazom.co.UK on Wednesday, 11Nov09. The cost was 157.68 GBP plus 6.98 GBP shipping.
-Expecting a delivery on approximately 23Nov09, imagine my pleasant surprise when it was delivered to my desk this morning, 18Nov09.
-Shipped on 12Nov09, it took Deutsche Post DHL only 6 days to move it from Amazon in Leipzig Germany to De Soto, Kansas, USA. It arrived in fine condition.

I have already given it a quick look, and the book is gorgeous.
-I have already found that all my British timepieces are covered, even the black Smiths seen on page 391.
-Unfortunately, this book will surely stimulate my lust for additional British timepieces. (one of my coworkers saw me smiling as I opened the box, and then wryly commented I had received a book of "clock porn". Well, not quite.
I will really enjoy inspecting Konrad's new book more closely during the Thanksgiving break.

Posts: 41 | Location: Kansas City, Kansas in the USA | Registered: January 01, 2008
IHC Member 478
Thanks Ronald! Konrad Knirim
Posts: 85 | Location: Duesseldorf Germany | Registered: March 08, 2005
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