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Hi all.
I have seen a G.S. Mark II sporting an Elgin movement, and that's not a problem. The problem comes from the fact that the movement is a plain 7j, simple regulator. I was thinking that a Mk II should have been at least 15j, am I worng ?
Many thanks for your help !
Posts: 277 | Location: Cardano al Campo in Italy | Registered: March 29, 2008
Is the movement original to the case and dial? Over the many decades since these watches were made and supplied to the British military it is very likely that there would have been many different military and private sector watchmakers who would have worked on it. Most of them, especially the private sector ones would not have likely been too concerned with maintaining such a watch's originality. Military timepieces have not traditionally been very collectable - it is only in the past decade or so that there has been much interest in them beyond the small handful of hard core collectors. Even today they are just a specialty area with a relatively modest following compared to the biggest areas of watch collector interest.
Posts: 858 | Location: Baltimore, Maryland USA | Registered: September 20, 2004
Hi, Jim. Thanks for your answer. I do think that case & movement are different things, did not belong each other, and thus that this PW is a little Frankenstein, since I do not think that a plain 7j, american moreover, could have been bought as a Mark II. If the movement was truly British, I think, there could ahve been some debate, since British watchmakers used very sparingly jewels, as far as I know, but with a swiss or American movement I do not think it was acceptable to OD.
Have a nice day and thanks again
Posts: 277 | Location: Cardano al Campo in Italy | Registered: March 29, 2008
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