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German Army: Infanterist der Zukunft / Infantryman of the Future "Click" to Login or Register 
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Hallo friends,
here is some information on German Army developments of the last and future years regarding the soldier's equipment including interesting wrist watches:

"In general, an IdZ kit includes a H&K G36 assault rifle, computers and an information system integrated in the load-carrying vest."
- BUND watch C3027, issued in 2002, NSN 6645-12-358-2674. made by Tutima/Ganderkesee, ref. 728-06.
For the ‚Infantrist der Zukunft‘ (Infantrist of the Future) -The movement is made by Miyota/Citizen cal. T241, Titanium case, saphire crystal, luminous hands and numerals. The German Army carried out prototype IdZ systems in Kosovo during 2002.
- BUND watch C3027 issued 2005, NSN 6645-12-367-7401: made by Tutima, ref. 728-07.
For the ‚Soldat im Einsatz‘ (SiE = ‚Soldier in Action‘), 15.000 items supplied to the army of the Bundeswehr. They are issued to the Afganistan expedition forces. - Movement by Miyota/Citizen cal. T250, Titanium case, saphire crystal, lcd window with lighting.
A service man of the KSK, the Special Forces, told me they mostly prefer watertight watches from Suunto.

. Gruesse/Regards/Salute Konrad Knirim
. konrad.knirim@t-online.de
PS: Have a look at my new book:
British Military Timepieces
. http://www.knirim.de

Posts: 85 | Location: Duesseldorf Germany | Registered: March 08, 2005
There was one for sell on ebay a while back.I would trade a suuntro to one of those soldier's to get one of those bund's.Nice info.
Posts: 523 | Location: Northern California in the USA | Registered: November 23, 2008
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Intersting watch Konrad.

What sort of trap does it use?

Are these issued and subject to return or are they purchased by the men?
Posts: 2008 | Location: East Lansing, Michigan USA | Registered: November 24, 2002
IHC Member 478
Hallo Greg, its like the US strap, see
Konrad Knirim
Posts: 85 | Location: Duesseldorf Germany | Registered: March 08, 2005
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