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Boxed Military 992B -- is This Correct? "Click" to Login or Register 
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I have a few questions for the experts on this watch/box set:


The watch and pouch look OK to me, my questions concern the box and attached labels:

1. Is this the right color box and is the "OFFICIAL ORDNANCE SEALED PACKAGE/FIRE CONTROL EQUIPMENT" label with the stamped inspector's signature correct?

2. I am also drawing a blank on the box end label, where much of the markings appear to have been removed somehow. Does that look correct?

3. Assuming the box is correct, what kind of premium should I expect to pay for it, expressed as a percentage of the value of the watch alone? Are the missing markings on the box end label a significant detriment to the value?
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A lot of stuff in the WWII period came in brown boxes, However, it is not the box that I would be concerned about. I am not a pocket watch expert, in fact i'm not even a wrist watch expert. However, Hamilton produced that movement from around 1912 thru the mid 1950's. As far as I know they made over a million of them (992 movement)
They were used in RR watches etc.
Here is a web site that has a mil ord dept watch you might want to look at
Both your watch and this one look alike except the back case inscriptions.
Good luck
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Sorry Jim, but that is a 992B movement, introduced October 1940 I believe...

I feel the combination is correct, but the existance of these boxes and the variety of label markings is the unknown factor....

Yes, the defacing of the label is a factor, but to place a $$ figure........ not enough examples seen to quantify...

have not seen any copies of the contracts for the 992B military watches....

i would expect the back markings to be different, because of the difference in age, and the contract issuance....

now as far as coming out of a large estate in WNY.... Big Grin Big Grin
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Terry, If you have read a lot of Cranster's auctions, most of what he sells comes from "a large estate sale in western NY".

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that's why the big smileeee is there...

it is their "trademark"...
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Everything looks correct as far as the watch is concerned. the "OE" issue number pre-fix was only used for 21 Jewel RR Grade watches.

This model is shown in War Dept Technical Manual TM 9-1575 of April 6, 1945. The watch in the manual is No. C41628. The example up for auction looks like the one in the TM. However, the factory box is not pictured in the TM, and I don't recall seeing any boxes previously.

I have no idea of how much extra one must pay to get the box.
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