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Here is my entire collection of military watches, all three of them. Nothing spectacular, but don’t all collections have humble beginnings? They are left to right: Hamilton garrison watch (WWII), Elgin A8 stop watch (WWII) and a Zenith watch marked Signal Corps on the dial (I believe WWI). All three watches run. The Hamilton needs servicing, the Elgin and Zenith both run great.

The Zenith is missing its crystal bezel, if anyone knows where I can acquire one, please drop me a line. I’m also posting a request at the Wanted to Buy forum.

BTW, I’ve been learning a great deal at this particular forum. Thanks to all who take the time to write the very informative postings.

Best regards,

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Nice start Jon!

I love those bomb timers... they sound like crickets.

The Zenith has great potential, I'll bet that's a quality watch. It would be interesting if you could provide some information on the movement.


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Here you go Lin, here is the Zenith movement:

Posts: 62 | Location: Cochranville, Pennsylvania USA | Registered: November 20, 2003
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A nice start to your military watch collection, Jon.

To me, the Zenith would be well worth the trouble of finding or making a bezel. Your Zenith was purchased by the US Army Signal Corps around 1917. The comments I made about my Tissot Signal Corps wristwatch in the, "SHOW US YOUR WIRE-LUGS" post, below, apply to your Zenith as well.

I like your other two watches, but even without the bezel, to me your Zenith is the most desireable item in the group.

Best regards,
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