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Hi, dear friends... what about the old glorious Chapter 143? "Click" to Login or Register 
Is the old Chapter 143, The Society of Military Horologists alive or not?

I would be pleased to become part of it, if it is still living and if it is still possible.
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Hi Claudio,

It was disbanded a few years ago and that occurrence was a big part of why we launched our "Military Timepiece Discussion Forum" in the first place. Hopefully we are filling that void in a meaningful manner.

When Greg Crockett and I were contemplating the IHC185 "Military Timepiece Discussions Forum" in the late summer of 2004 we had extensive conversations with the president, the secretary and treasurer of Chapter 143 the "Society of Military Horologists" and found they had no interest in continuing their chapter. Most of those involved had dropped out according to what we were told.

Our original plan for their officers was to permit the "Society of Military Horologists" to have space on our IHC185 Discussion Site and participate actively in this forum. There was no interest from them and so Greg and I proceeded to build this forum which as you see has been very worthwhile.

Count on us to fully support the interests of Military Timepieces and all who collect them.


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Thanks a lot, Lindell!

So... it seems that I am in the right place, now!
Big Grin
Posts: 69 | Location: Italy | Registered: May 12, 2009
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