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US Army Watch Codes: "Click" to Login or Register 
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ORDNANCE MAINTENANCE WRIST WATCHES, POCKET WATCHES, STOP WATCHES AND CLOCKS was published by the War Dept. as TM-9-1575 on April 6, 1945. It is an interesting manual. In fact, in years past when the State of Michigan tested and licenced watchmakers, this manual was suggested reading for anyone considering a licence.

Click For: TM 9-1575 War Department Technical Manual

On page 2, there is a listing of Ordnance Department Markings. These are the codes which were intended to be added before the serial number on the back of the case.

(1) For watches "of new manufacture":

OA - for 7 to 9 jewel pocket watches

OB - for 15 to 17 jewel pocket watches

OC - for 7 to 9 jewel wrist watches

OD - for 15 to 17 jewel wrist watches

OE - for 21 jewel railroad grade pocket watches

OF - for 15 to 17 jewel wrist watches (waterproof case)

OFA- for 15 to 16 jewel wrist watch, waterproof case, Air Corps (Navigation, Type A-11, substitute standard).

OG - for 7 to 9 jewel wrist watch (waterproof case)

OS - for stop watch

(2) "For manufacture prior to 12 November 1940. (Identifications to be added at time of repair on watches not previously marked.)"

OW - for 7 to 9 jewel pocket watches.

OX - for 15 to 17 jewel pocket watches.

OY - for 7 to 9 jewel wrist watches.

OZ - for 15 to 17 jewel wrist watches.

The above provides an indication of the state of US Army watches as of April, 1945. Older issue watches may or may not have been re-marked, depending upon whether the watch went in for Ordnance Dept. repair or not.

While the 992B is covered, the book is silent regarding the 4992B. There is no mention of the specialized navigation stop watches nor chronographs of the Air Corps. The Chelsea message center clock is covered. However, the manual notes that Tank Clocks "are no longer standard for issue and are not being maintained."

The pre- 1940 codes are lacking as well as any codes used after issue of this manual.

What U.S. markings have you noticed which are not included above?

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