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Zenith MK V Aviator. Serial no Date? "Click" to Login or Register 
Hi All,

I have recently aquired a Zenith MK V Aviator cockpit watch. The movement serial number is 2350052. Can any one give me an accurate date from this? I have been told it is 1924. The black dial simply states 1924 over the WD arrow, but I think it may not mean the year of manufacture.Inside the silver case are the following scratched by hand markings:

ML 01018
M947M (the M is written over the Greek letter Pi)

Any info would be much appreciated.

Best regards
Posts: 4 | Location: England | Registered: March 20, 2010
I think that a image could be very interesting.
I find very unusual that Omega inscribed the letter Pi over a watch that she made...
It could be very interesting and rare, since the only greek letter I have ever seen inscribed by a swiss facory is the letter "Omega" itself.
Posts: 69 | Location: Italy | Registered: May 12, 2009
Thank you for the reply Claudio.

For clarification, the markings showing the Pi symbol are scratched by hand inside the back of the case. They probably have a military identification function.I will try to get some decent images. I was hoping that the Zenith movement serial number 2350052 would give a precise date. I can't find tables of number/year anywhere on the net for Zenith military watches.
Posts: 4 | Location: England | Registered: March 20, 2010

roughly 1919, but if you write/call/email Zenith they will be happy to help you.


Posts: 285 | Location: Rome, Italy | Registered: May 19, 2005
Sounds like a replacement dial. A photo would be helpful. These watches were kept in War Department inventory up through the 1940s with repairs being made as needed throughout the decades they were in service. They started as cockpit watches then as time went on they were converted to use as pocket watches. Many appear to be all original but sometimes you find them with replaced dials or cases or other major parts as they were repaired to keep them going. After they found their way into private hands they were also repaired by private watchmakers, jewelers, and collectors to keep them going. Scratch markings inside a case such as you describe are typically those by private watchmakers. They all have their own arcane marking systems, codes, and symbols that lets them recognize if they are seeing a watch that they once repaired in the past. Some Greek letters do not sound out of context with this. Ministry of Defense repair markings are more typically neatly hand painted on the dial in white paint.
Posts: 871 | Location: Baltimore, Maryland USA | Registered: September 20, 2004
Thanks Enzo and Jim, that's really helpful. I'm unfortunately working away from home at the mo, but as soon as I get back this weekend, I'll load up some good macro images.

Once again thanks to all.
Posts: 4 | Location: England | Registered: March 20, 2010
Don't be shy: post the images, if you can...!

Anyway, as the dating I don't think it was made in 1919...

According the serious and wellmade site


The serial number 2956861 was made in 1915...
The mine, a 302xxxx, seems have been made in 1916...

Could the 2350052 be made in 1919?...
Posts: 69 | Location: Italy | Registered: May 12, 2009
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