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Farcot French Clock, 1890s "Click" to Login or Register 
IHC Member 1766
Hi, all. This is a longshot.

Today I picked up a French Farcot shelf clock. It's in rough shape but the movement works (no pendulum); the dial is good; all the brass including the brass inlay on the front of the case is present. The serial number of the movement is 4 2 7 (?) 2 1. It stands about 12 inches high. No glass, and no finnacle.

I think it's a candidate for restoration, or at least a parts clock, and I understand that Farcot clocks from this period can be quite valuable and sought after in good condition.

I am a watch collector, not clocks, so would like to sell this clock to someone who can restore it or otherwise use it.

I have no idea of value, so will need some help on that.

If you are interested, send me an email and we can work something out. If not, but you have information about the clock, I'd be glad to know it.

Here's a picture.

Posts: 124 | Location: Ottawa in Canada | Registered: December 21, 2012
IHC Member 1766
So...I have reattached all the loose brass bits, and cleaned the outside of the case. Looks pretty good.

The movement has been ticking away for the last day or so--no pendulum, so no timekeeping.

Google images of Farcot clocks show plenty of enormous finials. Robed women, cherubs, etc. They look about six to eight inches high and very ornamental. They appear to be made of cast brass.

I think with a replacement glass and the right pendulum this old horse may have a new life, and if so its a keeper. The brass inlay in the case front is spectacular workmanship.
Posts: 124 | Location: Ottawa in Canada | Registered: December 21, 2012
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