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Info on this LeCoultre

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November 07, 2019, 10:51
John Kennedy
Info on this LeCoultre
Hello all, looking for information on this LeCoultre inline movement clock. A local maven tells me that the hands are not original, and that the hands on these clocks were invariably gold. Is this in fact the case? I know that the clock was opened because the regulator has been moved all the way over to keep it running on time. As it is it needs a COA and a good buffing of the Lucite case. I was also told that it was made in the fifties? Any information or resources are greatly appreciated.

November 07, 2019, 10:51
John Kennedy is the front shot

November 11, 2019, 23:47
Bila Wirriganwalters
LeCoultre inline movement clock

Seen a lot of these over the years and we are with the local guy in regards to the hands not being original. We have seen these having 6 different colours, with hand colour normally based on the colour of the movement (front facing side). So yes, very likely should have gold hands. Also, in all the ones we have seen they have never had that style/shapeSmile