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Seth-Thomas #41 Movements - School/RR Depot Type "Click" to Login or Register 
I'm new here so just curious. I understand the S-T 41A Movement was typical of this type clock. Question: I understand there was a #41S Movement and maybe there were others of the 41 series, but what would be the difference in these movements. My depot clock has a 9 1/2" marking on the front face of the movement, assuming this is the rod length. Was the rod length different for a #41S?
Posts: 8 | Location: Lewis, Kansas in the USA | Registered: July 09, 2012
I intended to include a picture of this type clock with the Seth-Thomas #41 movement. The movement in this clock is not stamped with the 41, but only the 9 1/2 stamping. This clock was rescued for a lightning caused fire that severely damaged the Rock Island depot it was in, therefore, the damage to the rosewood veneer. I replaced the bezel glass and repainted the clock face.

Ball Watch Clock w/ S-T Movement
Posts: 8 | Location: Lewis, Kansas in the USA | Registered: July 09, 2012
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Carl, Very nice Ball Watch Co. Clock. As far as I know the different series numbers on the 41 movements would denote various pendulum lengths.

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Curly, this is what I imagined when I spoke of the rod length. I may not be using the correct term, but I'm speaking of the rod with the hook that the pendulum is attached to. I failed to rotate my picture before posting. You may note the small indention in the pendulum. After I was given this clock by the railroad agent, I later learned a local fellow in his younger years had shot the pendulum with his BB gun when there was nobody manning the depot. This fellow had hoped to claim the clock after the fire for that very reason, but I guess I beat him to it. It was a basket case following the fire with some charred wood at the top and the face with smoked and severely crackled paint. A complete repainting brought it back to life.
Posts: 8 | Location: Lewis, Kansas in the USA | Registered: July 09, 2012
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