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My Kundo 400 day "Click" to Login or Register 
I decided I might want a 400 day anniversary clock and I looked around and found a working one on Etsy for $55. It's a Kundo and probably one of the later ones from the 70's. It looks new and when I bought it, I asked the seller to please either remove the pendulum or lock it down. He failed to do so and the clock arrived with the suspension spring snapped off right at the top of the pendulum. I informed the seller and he offered to refund $20 but I haven't seen it yet. I went through eBay with the Horolovar company and sent them the broken suspension unit which they reassembled with a new spring for $15 including return shipping. So I have $70 in the clock now which I think is still a good deal. I installed the new unit and after some timing adjustments, the clock is now keeping almost perfect time. In the last 3 days, it may have lost 3 seconds. From what I have read, that is extremely good for the type of clock. It amazes me that a clock that runs at a rate of 8 beats per minute, not second but minute, can be so accurate.

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I'm not surprise at all,
once they set up right they will keep time as I have one and keeps great time, my problem is I forget to wind it once a year hehe.
I got mine from goodwill for $9.99 with broken suspension wire/spring few years back.
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I have owned several of these over the years, which I bought from Goodwill in various states of disrepair. I have a mental maximum price of ten dollars for clocks from Goodwill, unless they are unusual. I strongly recommend anyone who is interested in learning how to do their own maintenance (which is neither difficult nor complicated on these clocks) purchasing the Horolovar 400 Day Clock book, and a beat-setting tool Once they are in beat, provided the house is stable and the clock is on a stable surface, such as a mantle or a built-in shelf, they can be surprisingly good time-keepers.
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