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Daylight Savings Time All The Time! "Click" to Login or Register 
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Daylight Savings Time All The Time!

Senate passes bill to make Daylight Saving Time permanent in 2023

I definitely enjoy the longer sunlight in the summer! Cool Cool Cool

(The only drawback is my family always checks the batteries in clocks, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors when the times change. Guess we will have to correlate that with another event.)

Posts: 4854 | Location: Northern Ohio in the U.S.A. | Registered: December 04, 2002
IHC Member 1357
It is about time. I like it.
Posts: 4068 | Location: Carbon, Texas in the USA | Registered: January 24, 2010
IHC Member 1338
Still has to pass the house I wouldnt bank on it yet

Tom Dunn...
Posts: 2969 | Location: Ramsey, Illinois in the USA | Registered: December 15, 2008
IHC Member 163
Picture of Mark Cross
Agreed, though we’re closer than we have ever been before, it’s just the first hurdle.

Regards! Mark
Posts: 3815 | Location: Estill Springs, Tennessee, USA | Registered: December 02, 2002
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