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Unknown/Unrecorded Hamilton Wristwatch - a Discovery "Click" to Login or Register 
IHC Life Member
A watch I just bought on eBay has just arrived and I can now share it with members. There is a theory about the movement, but let us see what others think. I have never seen a Hamilton movement like it 10 years of collecting.

The case is an English silver case, hallmarked for Birmingham, England, 1929.

Hamilton movement
Posts: 423 | Location: West Walton, United Kingdom | Registered: November 16, 2005
IHC Life Member
Here is a close view of the caliber engraving - I'm sure it is original.

Caliber Engraving
Posts: 423 | Location: West Walton, United Kingdom | Registered: November 16, 2005
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Picture of Samie L. Smith
Dan looks like a grade 607 Illinois hunting case movement marked Hamilton on the Barrel bridge also a unmarked dial,,I wonder with it having a English case if they used some of the left over movements from Illinois for the export market.

Nice watch i Really like the silver case. Smile
Posts: 3208 | Location: Monticello, Kentucky U.S.A. | Registered: June 24, 2004

I think Samie has it right.

The unsigned dial and English case (is it stamped GS for George Stockwell? Looks like one of his that I've had) lead me to believe this was exported stock sold as movement only, made into a very nice wristwatch once it reached England. Perhaps Hamilton sold these only overseas, since there wouldn't have been many, and it could have avoided the complication of their more usual customers knowing the source of the original movement.


Posts: 267 | Location: Huntsville, Alabama USA | Registered: December 12, 2005
IHC Life Member
Its a Dennison 6/0 silver case marked both ALD and Dennison, also English silver hallmarked for 1929. The Illinois research forum members suggest the movement was made around 1932/33/34, rather late for the 1929 case.

The dial has been refinished, but does not appear to be home made - the dial feet look like the Illinois thick style. The hands also look like those often used by Illinois.

However since the movement is indeed signed Hamilton, it deserves its place in our records as a Hamilton mvt. Does anyone have access to documentary evidence on what happened to left-over Illinois stock when Hamilton shut them down ?

Posts: 423 | Location: West Walton, United Kingdom | Registered: November 16, 2005
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