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Picture of Ged Pitchford
HI ALL, I have a large wristwatch,an ETA2824,automatic ,screw down crown,25jewels says 3ATM on face. I wear it every day, it's 3years old. keeps excellent time, only corrections I have to make is to put the date right. Question, do I need to get it serviced/oiled , and when. THANKS, GED. Smile
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Picture of Ged Pitchford
Hi, To all you COLONIALS surely someone can reply, even if it's "you ought to know yourself ALLTHE BEST , GED Smile Smile
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Picture of Lindell V. Riddle

Sounds like a fine everyday watch, strong and reliable. Practically all of the movement manufacturers have in recent years changed over to the use of Full-Synthetic lubricants. For that reason periodic cleaning and oiling is not as critical as in years past. Most watchmakers use synthetics as well so the lubricants are not breaking down as they once did and all watches can now run better for a much longer time.

Your watch is well made, and features like the screw-down crown serve to keep out the biggest enemies of your watch, dirt and moisture. The waterproof capabilities should be tested every few years, and it is still possible for dirt to eventually creep in as well. Once the recommendation was to service every two to three years in normal everyday use. Today that is extended to nearly twice that period of time. You know whether you expose your watch to excess dust or humidity. If you do service it more regularly.

Just like your car, regular service intervals for your watch prevents breakdowns and unexpected expenses. Have a watchmaker you know and trust service your watch with the interval based on your use and expectations. Once it is serviced the first time follow the watchmaker's recommendation. You can literally wear a watch like yours for the rest of your life, the longevity depends on your level of care and proper maintenance. With proper care and maintenance one day your grandchildren will fight over it!

I'll "copy" this into our Watch Repair area as well. Hope this gets you started, let's see what others have to say.


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I did some research on the web and found this article by "A Watchmaker". He recommends servicing between 3-5 years if worn daily.


John D. Duvall
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Picture of Ged Pitchford
Hello, Many thanks for replies, just what I wanted to know,So Lin' and John good work, I found the article and pictures on John's link very interesting,my watch being in a TITANIUM case will see me out no doubt. REGARDS, GED. Smile Smile
Posts: 909 | Location: Winterton-on-Sea Norfolk, England | Registered: February 17, 2003
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