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Putting a small screw back in its hole "Click" to Login or Register 
I took apart a Waltham 6/0 size watch, and had to remove the hairspring to do some work on it.
In the process the stud screw came out and I had to replace it.
What a chore, I must have tried 1/2 dozen times and left the bench just as many times in frustraion.
I then came up with what i think is a brilliant idea, that worked the fist time!
I took a piece of peg wood and put a small dab of rodeco on the end. Then I picked up the small screw with the head of the screw attached to the end of the peg wood, and voila, easy as peasy I could put the screw anywhere I wanted.
Just had to share this....
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Thanks for the tip. Rodeco is really great stuff. Back in the 1980's one of the contributors to the Horological Times had a series of tips listing all of the ways he used Rodeco. Of course, I've forgotten most of it.
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Great tip!!
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