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Was Bulova's 10 BPAC movement railroad grade? "Click" to Login or Register 
IHC Member 1063
Was Bulova's 23 Jewel & six adjustments 10 BPAC movement from the 1950's good enough to be considered railroad grade?
Posts: 242 | Location: Massachusetts in the USA | Registered: February 07, 2008
I am pretty sure that the term "six adjustments" is not the same as the "temperature and 5 position adjustments" I think is needed, and is stamped on a couple of Bulova "Transportation Specials" examples I have seen. These 1960's watches have the white dial and blued or blacked spade hands necessary for Railroad watches, and both sported a movement used in military watches of the time, the 10BNCH, but with the suffix "R" at the end. This movement also had a micro-adjuster on the regulator arm.
The movement designation letters are 10BN is the basic movement, the C stands for Centre seconds and the H for Hacking, and I assume the R may stand for Railroad grade. The movement also has 23 jewels, not the usual 15 or 17.
But to answer your original question, although Bulova's 10BPAC and other derivatives are excellent movements, they are not true "railroad grade".
Posts: 77 | Location: Ilkeston in England | Registered: March 22, 2013
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