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TRIO of ELGINS: JUMP HOUR?? "Click" to Login or Register 
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Here I go again....testing unfamilar waters. While my passion is Hamilton wrist watches, This collection of 3 Elgin wrist watches looked like a reasonable buy. As an ebay listing, it had many of the aspects I seek when looking for a bargain...namely...a seller that doesn't know too much about watches...poor pictures, and a title that doesn't search well. I had a number of emails back and forth with the seller, and everything I learned heighted my opinion of these watches. Each can be found in Cooksey Shugart, and each can be seen in Stuart and Unger's fine book.

I'd love to hear from the Elgin Collectors about these three.


Bill Hansen
IHC# 198
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Watch Repair Expert
Well, first of all, none of the three watches are "14k," only the "chevron" and the "hubcap" are "Lord Elgin" models, and none of the three date to the 1930s; they're all 1950s vintage.

I have no idea what the seller means by: "the square faced .... has a 15 jewel Elgin movement and is 14K white gold filled with a 22k yellow gold bezel overlay."

The rectangular watch is the "chevron" model, and it should be 14k yellow gold filled, with a 21 jewel movement. No Elgin "jump hour" movements were produced in 15 jewel grades.

The last I knew, an average "chevron" would bring about $400, with average "golf ball" and "hubcap" models bringing about 1/2 that. In this case, the fact that all three were offered as a "group," seems to have caused them to bring a premium, but I'd still rather have those than the butchered "Lady & Tiger" model!

Maybe I just don't know very much about watches.........


Steve Maddox
President, NAWCC Chapter #62
North Little Rock, Arkansas
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