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Picture of Jerry Treiman
I would appreciate any comments on a couple of family watches I have.

The one on the left is my favorite, with a LeCoultre cal.493 movement, a 14K case, and an interesting ebony (wood) link band. It is on the large side, being about 1" wide. I expect this one may be collectible, but regardless I like it. Does anyone know the vintage of this model? Does this model have a name?

The one on the right is much newer -- a quartz Omega from the early '80s. I expect its primary value is in the 18K case and integral band, but I don't really know. Do non-mechanical Omegas have any collector interest? Do these watches have model/style names that anyone keeps track of?

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The LeCoultre cal. 493 17J autowind is from around 1955. It's current value, depending on it's actual running condition could be in the region of $350.00 - $475.00. It's a pretty nice collectible watch. A good one to keep. Razz

Your assessment of the 18K Quartz Omega is fairly accurate. Typically quartz watches of this type, although they look attractive and keep great time are not very collectible at all. Confused

I hope this helps you.

Dave Freeman
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Picture of Jerry Treiman
Dave, thanks for the info. When I was trying to search the web and other sources for info I was stymied by the tremendous variety of watches made. That is why I wondered about style names that might help narrow a search. I am primarily a pocketwatch guy so am not as familiar with how wristwatch folk categorize their watches beyond company name.
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I agree with Dave's assessment, and will add that the ebony bracelet on the LeCoultre, is not an original part of that watch. Evidence is the large gap between the endpieces of the bracelet and the case lugs, where a significant part of the springbars can be seen. The case lugs are probably 18mm, and the endpieces on the bracelet are probably 16mm. Originally, the LeCoultre would have had a nice quality leather strap, with a buckle (probably 14k) that matched the watch.

The LeCoultre may have been originally considered a "doctor's model," as was sometimes the case with early sweep seconds watches, and later models in square or rectangular cases. [Note that *may* is the operative word.]

As for the Omega, someone with an Omega catalog of that vintage could probably identify the original model, but I personally have no idea.


Steve Maddox
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