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Hamilton Electric Replacement Question "Click" to Login or Register 
I have been asked by a customer to replace the movement in his classic Hamilton electric with a quartz movement with the provisio that I save the original movement so that he could pass it on in the event that he wanted to sell the watch. The substitution present a number of problem areas movement height, hand shaft height, feet positioning etc. Has someone out there attempted, or actually done something like this? Any help or suggestion would be appreciated.

Posts: 353 | Location: Nichols, New York in the USA | Registered: April 04, 2010
Picture of Dan Carter
I have never done this, so take the following for whatever that's worth Wink

I would get a quartz movement that is smaller than the original so that you could use the spacer as the dial feet holder. No need to move dial feet that way. If you know the original dimensions of the Hamilton 500 (I am guessing that is what was inside), then you can get an appropriate height and depth quartz movement to replace it. One of the smaller diamond shaped movements might work better, and "Esslinger" or similar watch parts place can give you ideas of what would fit, and at what cost. Plus some of the movements are fairly cheap so if you mess up the movement no real money lost, or if the modification doesn't work. Just ideas.

Posts: 407 | Location: Northern Virginia in the USA | Registered: October 08, 2011
Picture of Peter Kaszubski
Im working on one project will show results soon
all I have to say is not easy task and in some cases irreversible damage can be done so be carefull.
Hint have you seen vintage diver seiko with GMT hand?
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I found a Hamilton electric Swiss quartz watch on eBay that is the same shape as the one that I am working on. Does anyone know if this quartz movement would fit in the original Hamilton case?
Posts: 353 | Location: Nichols, New York in the USA | Registered: April 04, 2010
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