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Waltham ca. 1910 bracelet watch serial number "Click" to Login or Register 
Help! I have been given a Waltham lady's bracelet watch. The styling and blued hands look like about ca. 1910. The movement is a round 6/0. The serial number is 647955. When I go to the Waltham serial number look-ups on the internet, this shows as an 1873 size 18. Obviously there is another serial number sequence for the wrist watch/bracelet watch. Does anyone know how I can locate the wrist watch serial number list, or in any other way determine its true age, number made, etc.?
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Pendant watch movements are listed in the database, but it's not perfect. Some of the original hand inscribed notations have proven to be incorrect, and there are probably a few transcription errors in the modern part of the database as well. It's a huge project and very well done, but like most things that people do, there can be a few little problems.

I would suggest that you check your movement serial number again, just to make sure. The number you listed seems like a very low number for a 6/0 movement.

If the number is correct, then a photo of the movement will give some of the Waltham experts here a lot to go on as far as identifying the grade and probable time frame.


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I think there was no separate numbering series for wrist watch movements. According to the Waltham section of the Swigart 'gray book' there is a Jewel series 6/0 size, the first movement made in the Jewel series hunting model 1898 was serial number 10,000,000. First movement in this size in 1898 thin model was number 16,575,001, and first open face movement was 1912 model number 18,659,001. There were some movements marked with abbreviated numbers, using an alphabetical character and 5 following digits, but the list shows no numbers with a letter and 6 following digits. There were some 6/0 size 1942 models produced but the serial numbers are higher than 31 million. If you can post a picture of the movement perhaps one of the experts can give you more information. There also is a 6/0 C movement, but I think it was post WWII and was used in men's watches. I am no expert; the above is what I found by looking at the Swigart book and "Serial Numbers with Description of Waltham Watch Movements"
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Picture of Jerry Treiman
James - are there any other digits on the plate? Here is an example of a 6/0 movement with a 6-digit number in the 600-thousands, but the millions digits (24) are stamped above, so the full serial number is 24,699,231.

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The ser. # on the movement is the one that counts. The number on the case is a whole 'nother ball o' wax (just making sure you know).
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Thank you, folks. Jerry Treimann "hit the nail on the head". There is a 24 above the 647955. It is very close to the one you pictured. I now know what to do to find its vintage. I can't thank you enough. This forum is really GREAT!
Posts: 17 | Location: Near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA | Registered: November 03, 2007
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