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Make your own watch! "Click" to Login or Register 
IHC Life Member
Picture of Scott Cerullo
I was surfing the net and came accross this website. This guy made his own watch from scratch and is currently working on #2.

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I just spent an hour pouring over this site. That is a terrific link, thank you! The comfortable bantor of Mr. Corson belies his obvious skills. My watchmaker fantasy of making a watch from scratch has been put to bed. I made two gears(one formed and one cut) for a Moon Mullins Lionel handcar this week and am content with that accomplishment.

I am in awe of the tens (hundreds?) of thousands of watchmakers who have accomplished the feat of making a watch. Most did it without electricity too Roll Eyes
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That is just amazing, Thanks Scott. Smile
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thank you for posting this great link. Smile

Just like my days in Timex in the 1960's at least from a prototype standpoint.
Obviously CAD technology wasn't around in those days, neither
were computers of any sort.

All calculations were done the long way using algebra, trigonometry and
square roots using Freiden mechancial calculators. (Note: I expect some
of our younger members may think I'm talking Greek ??) Wink

Dave Freeman
IHC Member 321
Posts: 976 | Location: Texas in the U.S.A. | Registered: January 27, 2004
IHC Member 43
That is just amazing, I have had thought of making my own clock someday, but a watch would be "over the top" for me. I agree that the oldtimers that made their watches from "scratch" and with treadle or bow powered lathes and files was a real accomplishment.

Posts: 250 | Location: Ashland, Wisconsin U.S.A. | Registered: November 22, 2002
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