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I bought an Omega Constellation in July 2004 and had very good service as a daily-wear watch until mid-September when it stopped and would run for only a short time after that. I didn't remove the screw-on back at the time of purchase because of fear of marring the 18k case. When it stopped I took a chance and opened it without marring the case back and found the steel parts to be rusted. My watchmaker found the following when he started work: the movement was held in the case by some homemade clamps, the dial does not have feet and stayed in the case when the movement was removed from the back, the dial seems to be pressed tightly into the top of the case (or is glued in), too tight to come out through the back with the movement and the shock preventer gizmo on balance staff on the dial plate side of the movement is not the usual 3-prong spring but a small piece of brass. The movement is a cal. 752, 24-j, auto, serial no. 31960287. Is this the proper movement for a Constellation? Is the dial supposed to be attached this way and is the piece of brass the proper part for the shock preventer? Have I bought a botched mess?
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From the sound of it you seem to have bought a problem watch. The 752 is a movement found in the Constellation. From your description it sounds like everything can be made right. The Inca block setting can be changed and dial feet can be put on the dial. The dial on the watch may not be the right one for the movement and that may be why the dial feet were removed. The correct clamps are not eazy to get but can be found.

Rich Kuhn
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Thanks very much!. I hope it can be made right and I can wear it again.
Posts: 676 | Location: Oak Ridge, Tennessee USA | Registered: December 08, 2002
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