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Hamilton WW Expert

Picture of Gary Cole
Hello everyone

I wanted to introduce myself. I am a collector of fountain pens and very recently have became enamored with Hamilton watches. I actually acquired 2 of them last year , a Hayden and a rose gold Wilshire.

I have added too many recently, a collectors lament, and find myself looking to narrow my focus.

I will probably develop a "high point" collection of Hamiltons- i really like the the watches from the 20's and 30's - especially the ones with stepped cases - Dixon, Drake, Sidney etc . I would love to add a Putnam at some point

I also have added a Everest to my collection to represent the Electric era.

I have joined the IHC185 and have browsing the boards for all sorts of information.

I don't know how much i can add , but I will be reading on a regular basis.

I reside in Sarasota Florida where I have my own company and keep busy with 2 girls ( 10 and 12) along with my wife



I tried to add a photo to see how it would work - forgive the photography shortcomings

Posts: 61 | Location: Sarasota, Florida U.S.A. | Registered: May 30, 2004
Welcome to I.H.C.185 Gary.You'll be right at home here being that many of our members are avid Hamilton wrist and pocketwatch collectors and I must tell you these folks know their Hamiltons so please,if you have any questions at all pertaining to Hamiltons or any other horology related matter please feel free to post away.The guys and gals who are involved with this message board are very generous with their horological knowledge and will help you any way they can.
One thing I wanted to ask you.Can you actually write with one of those fountain pens?I know I struggled with them when I was a kid,especially the filling part. I think there was like six people in the whole state who knew how to use one properly and they were all like eighty years old.Thank God for Sharpies.
Well,welcome aboard.Don't hesitate to ask questions.Plenty of quality people here to answer them.
Sincerely,Bob Fullerton
Posts: 181 | Location: New Castle, Delaware U.S.A. | Registered: December 15, 2004
IHC Member 234
Picture of Jim Cope
...welcome Gary!...I share your enthusiasm for Hamilton watches but I have to say that the 'gorgeous' one pictured will not work w/the 'AA' batteries appearing in the background... Smile
Posts: 872 | Location: Kingsville, Ontario, Canada | Registered: April 16, 2003
Picture of Stephanie O'Neil
Hi Gary,
Welcome to IHC 185! Will look forward to your participation. Sounds like you have a very nice collection of Hamilton wristies.

Stephanie O'Neil

Posts: 1419 | Location: New Orleans, Louisiana USA | Registered: April 01, 2003
IHC President
Life Member
Picture of Lindell V. Riddle


As you can see, this is a polite and friendly group.

We're all happy to have you with us.


Posts: 10553 | Location: Northeastern Ohio in the USA | Registered: November 19, 2002
Welcome Garry. Wink
I like hamilton pocket watches, only own 2 of them.Mostly a Elgin collector.Your wrist watch looks very nice and i have thought of collecting some day Hamilton wristies.
Like others have said many great people here so have fun and glad you joined us. Cool
Posts: 2133 | Registered: June 01, 2003
Wristwatch Expert
IHC Life Member
Picture of William J. Hansen, Ph.D.
Gary, Welcome!

I'm delighted that you are here. You have a much to add, and I appreciate your participation in this forum, and urge you to explore all the other places to go here at the IHC.

The questions that you ask are as important as the thoughts, answers, and suggestions that you may provide. No question is silly. We really do welcome them all.

Less than 4 years ago, I bought my first Hamilton wrist watch. It has been a magnificent adventure.


Bill Hansen
IHC# 198
Life Member# 17

Posts: 813 | Location: Cincinnati, Ohio USA | Registered: January 22, 2003
IHC Member 376
Picture of Samie L. Smith
Welcome to IHC185 Gary I know you will enjoy all the nice folks here..sounds like you have some nice watches too.
Posts: 3208 | Location: Monticello, Kentucky U.S.A. | Registered: June 24, 2004
Picture of Tom Seymour
Welcome to IHC!! I'm not good at using a keyboard, so I wound up in this section. I am really a clock guy. If you want to see what happens to the watches when they grow up, just check out the clock section. Big Grin

Posts: 2537 | Location: Mount Angel, Oregon in the U.S.A. | Registered: November 19, 2002
Goodness! When I told my husband I had joined this Horology Club, he joked that I would be kicked out as soon as it was discovered that I am also a member of a fountain pen forum. Well, Gary, you have set my mind at rest. It is ok to like both fountain pens AND watches! Great! Now, regarding Hamilton watches, I have my dad's grade 987-E wristwatch with 10K goldfilled Wadsworth Case. It looks similar to the Dixon, with the same stepping, but without the sharpness to the edges. As soon as I recharge my camera batteries I will take a picture. I feel the spring is broken as it winds all too freely with no effect. I wouldn't mind getting it in running order.
Posts: 2 | Location: Pennsylvania in the United States | Registered: March 12, 2010
IHC Vice President
Pitfalls Moderator
IHC Life Member
Picture of Edward L. Parsons, Jr.

Welcome aboard to IHC185. I'm a pocket watch collector, but I've also branched out into wristies & clocks.

Best Regards,

Posts: 6696 | Location: Southwestern Pennsylvania, USA | Registered: April 19, 2004
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