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Hi all,
My brother has come across 2 Omega watches, one being a Electronic f300 and the other an a Omega century. Has anyone any idea of quality and repairability of these movements etc.
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Hello Bill,

I am sure someone else will be familiar with an Omega Century, but the Omega Electronic f300 Constellation Chronometer which based upon the Bulova Accutron is a personal favorite of mine. I have a lot of respect for these amazing watches and I am not alone, the Omega f300 Chronometer is considered "the Rolls-Royce of tuning fork watches" by experts.

Here is a link to some interesting posts...

CLICK FOR: IHC185 "Find-Or-Search" for Omega f300

There you will find a plethora of information about these watches, be sure to follow all the links found within those posts! And a word to the wise, use extreme caution when changing the battery in any tuning fork movement. Reversing polarity or shorting the movement can lead to serious consequences which with reasonable care can be avoided.

About service, by all means any Omega is worthy of proper care and service. We have IHC185 Members who can handle it for you. And please do share pictures of those watches in this topic!



Omega Constellation Chronometer from my collection...

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