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Information on an old Bulova self winding gold watch "Click" to Login or Register 
I recently received a self winding Bulova watch as part of an estate inheritance from my step father. I was told it is a very special 18 kt watch
and gold band. I was hoping you could help me identify the watch and bracelet. The punched number on the back side is almost impossible to make out but it looks like it could be either:
1-143642, 1-140842, or 1-143542 with M5 or M3 underneath.

The engraved numbers and description are clearly: Bulova International Ltd. 18kt. 0.750 Water proof, antimagnetic, shock resistant. The soft pliable gold watch band looks like real gold. It looks like the watch and band were purchased as one unit. I believe it was purchased in Hong Kong in the 1970-80's. Can you help me identify this watch and possibly its value. I would like to pass it on to one of my children but want to know the history before I do so.

I have attached pictures for ID.
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Jerry, Welcome to IHC185 where you will find a friendly and inviting environment in which to find information and interesting disscussion going on nearly around the clock....

You indicated that you attached photo's of your Bulova watch but I can't seem to locate them.... did you click the ""Click" to add image or attachment" link beneath the message window...?

If not you may want to try that....


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Sorry, the pictures didn't download. I will try putting them in this post.

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Hi Jerry !

First of all welcome to the IHC 185!

A very nice vintage Bulove gents wristwatch!

The only thing I can say from this picture and description is that the watch was made 1963 (M3) or 1965 (M5). Can you say what is written on the dial below the Bulova label?. I think near the 6 o' clock position it reads selfwinding?

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