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Hairspring coils sticking together "Click" to Login or Register 
Hairspring coils sticking together

I need some serious on this. I cleaned the hairspring in one dip and dried it now my hairspring looks worse then when I cleaned it. I also demagnetized it here are some pics. Do you think I bought a bad batch of one dip?

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Consolidation of an additional image into this topic...

Karim Noorani posted November 09, 2013 17:22

Same hairspring. Any solutions pun intended

Additional photo

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One dip is not the cure all solution, sometimes people contaminate the watches with all kind of things and one dip will not break it down. Try covering the whole thing with pure disk soap, put that unit in a small container with some hot water and in turn in an ultrasonic for a while then carefully swish in warm water to remove all soap traces, (do not rinse under flowing water unless you want to untangle it later!) dry as possible in watch tissue, then in clean fresh one dip and a freshly cleaned jar of course dip and soak for a while and dry. gently move the spring around and see if still sticking. I see you have a couple of bends to remove first in the outer coil, there is a chance once you know the spring is clean you may will then see that you have a hairspring problem/s to cure also.
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Thank you Chris. Just the answer I was looking for.
Posts: 25 | Location: Fresno, California in the USA | Registered: June 29, 2013
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