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Hello Everyone,

An elderly woman who is a friend of the family has a watch that she would like to know more about. Apparently her father, who was of Swiss nationality, went to Switzerland to visit his cousins in about 1950. He brought back a ladies watch for her. The watch has an 18 carat gold case, and a 15-jewel mechanical movement. It was made by "Frey". I have done some searching and cannot come up with much information about this company. Does anyone know about this company? Does anyone know any information sources that may list the company? Without getting into dollars and cents, would this be considered a quality maker, or just run-of-the-mill? The 18 carat case makes me think it may be a better brand.

Thanks in advance for any info.

Tony F.
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Here is what Pritchard says.

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In the 1930's Frey introduced a lady's watch with one of the quirkiest automatic patents ever put on the market. The Frey signed products I've seen has ranged between a bit above average and a little better. It is a very respectable brand(IMHO).
-p.s.-I have a couple of Frey automatic"project" watches and will endeavor to post pics. Also, at the dump several years ago I scored a couple of U.S. Patent books from the early '30's that include the patent info on these.
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