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Opinion needed on Waltham dial "Click" to Login or Register 
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Opinion needed on Waltham dial

I am currently restoring (for myself) a size 0 Waltham wrist watch, with an Model 1891 7 jewel movement. THe dial that came with the watch is Arabic numerals, but has quite a few hairlines all over, and one fairly noticeable chip at 7 o'clock. Serial number on the movement puts it at 1901 for manufacture.

I am robbing parts (mostly screws) from a 15 jewel movement that didn't pass the water test (it has serious rust problems, with a serial number that puts it sometime in 1903. But it has a roman numeral dial that is perfect.

So the question is this: Should I switch out the dials or not?
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if fit and looks better its for you so who cares what others might think, I say go for it,
and show us some pictures once done.
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Well - I decided I like the Arabic numerals better on a wrist watch - The Roman numerals are just too busy on that small dial. So now I
have to keep an eye out for a dial in better condition. I will post photos tomorrow or Sunday, when I get a chance to get back into the workroom.

Still searching for a crown and half stem and to fit the Fahey case and ferrule. Sure hope I am not forced to make a stem. (I can probably come up with a crown to fit the pipe on the case from my parts bin.)I have never tackled doing that kind of close work on a lathe. I have seen videos of how it is done, though. 'Course, those guys make it look easy. :-)

Seasons greetings to all.

UPDATE: Most of what I thought was damage to the dial came off with a judicious scrubbing, using Rodico as an eraser. Thgere are two hairline cracks, though: one at 55 minutes, which is visible in the photo, and one (obliterated by reflection)at 15 minutes, that enters at 14 minutes, misses the 1, but cuts through the center of the 5, and exits the dial at 19 minutes. All the other dings and dents are in the crystal. After I get all else right, I will replace that crystal with a new one (in glass, if I can get one).

Posts: 213 | Location: Westminster, Maryland in the USA | Registered: March 02, 2015
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