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Seiko with Baseball History/Provenance "Click" to Login or Register 
Hello! I recently acquired in an auction a Seiko watch previously owned by the former commissioner of Major League baseball, the late Mr. Bowie Kuhn (yes, the second one I now own that was previously his!). It was given to Kuhn in 1981 by the "Central League" (one of the two pro baseball leagues in Japan) and inscribed on the back to him. Interestingly, they mis-spelled his name "Kuhm" instead of "Kuhn." In any event, please see the photos of the watch and the COA from his wife and let me know what you think. What was the quality of a Seiko quartz watch like this from the early 1980s. I just had a new battery put in an it works like a gem. What do you think of this watch, in terms of quality, and what does having the famous sports provenance do to the value? Does the mis-spelling of his name add to or take away from the appeal? Here is the watch at:
Seiko Baseball Watch

Thanks for having a look and for you comments!

John F. Murray

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That would be a great watch even without the provenance! Seikos are among the most reliable of affordable modern watches. My experience is the case wears out long before the movement gives up.

You have quite an interesting pair of Bowie Kuhn watches! Link to: "Baseball Historical Wrist Watch" which is also from the Bowie Kuhn Collection of Memorabilia.


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