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Drop off the tudor at the rolex service center "Click" to Login or Register 
Well a paid some money for my snow flake.So I thought I would get it serviced right all most every watch repair guy say they are Rolex trained well how come they are not working for rolex.Well it's in SF close to were I live.So I took bart over there it about two blocks from the station.At the Rolex service center they took a look at it he could not belive the good shape the case and dial and hands were in for a watch made in 1972.Then he pop off the cover the movement was in great shape no rust just perfect.They are going to replace the crystal,gasket's service and water test.The tube and crown was still in great shape so that does not need to be replaced.The bill is going to be high I could buy a few more watches for that kind of money.But I think a Tudor sub snowflake is worth it to have it done right plus who serviced it last the stem was a little long so the date wheel would stick a little with a lupe you could see a corner of another date at the bottom in the date window proberly some body that was not rolex trained.And when I pick it up in four weeks this leather nato strap is going on it.
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