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Favre leuba watch brand "Click" to Login or Register 
Picture of Gary E. Foster
I was browsing eBay and came across a listing for a mans Favre Leuba Sea King wristwatch, never heard of this company, but the watch looked pretty nice. Turns out there are lots of these on eBay, mostly from India, I did a google search and the impression I got was that this was India's version of Timex. Anyone here have any knowledge of this brand? I've got a small bid on a watch from a seller from India. Thoughts, opinions?

Posts: 1012 | Location: Western Pennsylvania in the USA | Registered: February 17, 2007
This was a Swiss brand, fairly obscure but not of Asian origin. Most I've seen use typical Ebauches SA movements such as A. Schild or ETA etc.
Posts: 653 | Location: St Paul, Minnesota in the USA | Registered: May 04, 2004
you can get a great watch or a complete dud. I find it often with this brand. not many in the middle. I got 10 from India once, not a good experience with this brand. Movement looked nice though. Just a bad seller perhaps.
Posts: 5101 | Location: Buffalo, New York in the USA | Registered: November 11, 2009
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