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I have been offered several Omega Electronic Chronometers. I think they are called F300. They have a tuning fork movement licensed from Bulova. Does anyone have an opinion on qulaity and accuracy? And what about power cells?
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I wouldn't think they would be any better or worse than an Accutron
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We got into the f300 some time back in this archived topic...

Omega Constellation "f-300Hz"

Looks like Jim and I ended up at the same point of reference. That site deserves a careful study.

Personally, I have a lot of respect for these amazing watches. You'll find the Omega version is considered "the Rolls-Royce of tuning fork watches" by the experts.


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over the years I've owned a couple of the Omega F300's along with a number of Bulova Accutrons. Due to repair and fairly high maintenance, I've got rid of most of mine. Confused

When they're working they are great. I agree with the person who said, he wouldn't buy one if it's not running. Getting parts these days is very expensive (e.g. I've seen 218I coil assemblies
going for $200.00 EACH !!)

Dave Freeman
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I guess Lindell, Dave and I sort of have the same opinion in a round about manner.

I have a Accutron,which I just picked up for very little money. The watch is like new. The only reason I bought it was because I consider the Accutron a historical piece.

However, I might not buy an Omega f300 only because I consider an Omega a much higher level Marque and think of it as a better investment in the mechanical/automatic form.

Also, even though the Omega and Accutron probably have the same base movement I wouldn't buy a non-working piece either, as Dave suggests repair cost can get a little crazy.

However, thats just my opinion, and what do I know Roll Eyes LOL
Posts: 151 | Location: Atkinson, New Hampshire U.S.A. | Registered: October 17, 2004
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