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International Mechanical Watches Federation on quartz "Click" to Login or Register 
Picture of Peter Kaszubski
copy of one article from IMWF translate from French by bing.

"Did you know that wearing a watch battery is very dangerous for health and night environmentally?
Battery buttons, these small round and flat batteries found in 95% of watches and every battery discarded in nature pollutes 1 m3 of Earth and 1,000 m3 of water for 50 years (source EKWO ATTITUDE).
The production and disposal of the batteries generate many negative effects. Their manufacture requires already lot of energy, much more than that released during their use.
After use, when the batteries are discarded, the boxes become corrupted by oxidation and heavy metals such as lead, zinc, mercury, lithium, manganese, cadmium, nickel, escape in and mingle with wastewater, penetrate the soil and groundwater.
Incinerated, these are their toxic components that emerge in the smoke or remain in the ashes. These components toxic, very persistent in time, penetrate more or less quickly and directly food chains, exposing man to a slow but certain intoxication.
Absorbed heavy metals accumulate specifically in our various organs such as the kidneys, liver and even the brain and cause various problems specific to each metal (trouble intestinal, disorders of hearing and sight, bone metabolism, nervous system).
Moreover, these materials are carcinogenic and can cause allergies, problems at the level of the reproductive system and neurotoxic effects.
Moreover, a study conducted by the President European of CEPHES, Daniel Depris, international expert in the field of physical pollution to the environment, shows that the use of quartz watches produced in more than 90% of the cases on the wrist, a very intense pulsed magnetic field.
It is attributable to the device that transforms the electromagnetic signal into mechanical movement. His induction is equivalent to measuring on average about 50 metres of an overhead power line carrying 1,000 amps.
On a first sampling of 50 watches, it was found that four that did not have this disadvantage.
According to several doctors specialized in Oriental medicine, stimulating an acupuncture point by a pulsed magnetic field of high intensity permanently may be likely to cause a series of functional and mental problems.
It follows from the foregoing that should be attentive to the fact that a quartz watch is likely to result in medium or long terms health disorders.
As a precaution, should be avoided to wear watches quartz and give preference to mechanical watches."
IMWF - International Mechanical Watches Federation Geneva
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Picture of Mark Cross
I've been practicing that for years, Peter. Wink

Regards! Mark
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