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New at Collecting: Bulova watches advice needed! "Click" to Login or Register 
New at Collecting Watches, I have started my collection with women Bulova watches Have watch dates in the 40's & 50's. What I need to know is in this collection do I restore these watches or keep as is?

Posts: 54 | Location: Tennessee in the USA | Registered: September 09, 2014
Hi, James. Welcome.

You have asked a BIG question.

Many wristwatch collectors like to wear their watches, so that can mean restoring them to working order (fix movement, crown, maybe hands). Normally you wouldn't want to spend more on this work than the watch is worth when finished -- so for the kind of watches you have that is not much room at all unless the cases are precious metal and there are diamonds or other stones present.

Some might disagree, but I would say that the majority of wristwatch collectors do not get dials refinished, but some do, so that is a matter of personal preference. I prefer watches that show their age.

Hope that helps a bit.
Posts: 124 | Location: Ottawa in Canada | Registered: December 21, 2012

This is what I was looking for. You have answed my questions.
I like to show the age on the watch. If the wife want's one I will restore.

Thank You
Posts: 54 | Location: Tennessee in the USA | Registered: September 09, 2014
I agree to a point with the previous reply, but you have to ask yourself why are collecting bulova watches. If it is only to sell them on, then yes the cost of repair/servicing does come into play. If you are collecting to ware or to keep, then surely its better to have he watch working correctly and looking they way it was when it first manufactured, also many collectors have the dials refinished .

to keep
Posts: 3 | Location: Alameda in Spain | Registered: February 01, 2015
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