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Girard Perregaux Display Watch "Click" to Login or Register 
Apparently GP had some demonstration movements installed in special clear casings in the early 1950s. The copper coloured centre holds a GP 47 (1950-55) Gyromatic movement with slightly oversized crown, also copper coloured.

The upper plate of the movement is engine turned like production examples, but the rotor has no markings and the movement is marked "A. Hirsch Co." unlike production watches and "GXM" on the bridge as in regular movements, but that is all. The housing is solid copper coloured metal with the words "Girard Perregaux Gyromatic" cut into it and the whole is enclosed bewteen two lenticular pieces of glass.

The watch is functional although of course cannot be set as the crown is not accessible.

I was wondering if anyone had seen these before.

Posts: 4 | Location: Vancouver British Columbia Canada | Registered: March 22, 2006
Here is the movement side:

Posts: 4 | Location: Vancouver British Columbia Canada | Registered: March 22, 2006
Hamilton WW Expert
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Hi Bill:

I hope that you can find an answer to your question on this board but if you can't, the world expert on vintage (as well as new) GP's is Peter Conrad.

If you write him and tell him that I suggested you reach out for him, I am sure he will be able to tell you much more than anyone else can (if anyone can at all).

His email address is:


Good luck,

Posts: 80 | Location: Carlstadt, New Jersey U.S.A. | Registered: January 23, 2005
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