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Hamilton cushion 987 "Click" to Login or Register 
Picture of Jeffrey Tibbs
Just wanted to ask if there is anything special about this auction for it's curent price. Is the solid 14 K case driving the value of this? Rare dial?


Just trying to learn a bit about this model.


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The Hamilton Barrel engraved in 14K is a distinctly rare watch, with only a few hundred models produced originally. It's hard to tell the tone from the images, the caseback appears to be green gold, but the bezel and midsection seem a much more yellow color. The midsection number matches the caseback number, so it may be a matter of different image exposure settings or lighting. I believe it to be green gold.

The current price is probably a bit lower than it will end up, and I think it may still be a bargain.


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I believe it is because the engraving is the more scarce of the two Hamilton offered for the Barrel model. This is the "motif" style and is not often seen. Then, with the case being solid gold makes it even more rare. The "wreath" style, which was earlier, is most often seen on the Barrel engraved model. For addtional information, see Will Roseman's excellent website. Wreath engraving. Motif engraving. Here is the difference between the two (B. Girouard photos):

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It is difficult to judge case color - it depends on the accuracy of the original photo, and on the adjustment of the viewer's PC screen.

According to the Rondeau book, if green gold, then only 422 engraved were made, if yellow gold then it is exceedingly rare and desirable.

The dial is probably a poor refinish, the sub-seconds register is really bad, and the wrong style - see the two Barrel dials above.


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The dial is horrible. I suspect the buyer has several decent replacement dials. If not, I can send him one.

Bill Hansen
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