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New Hamilton Automatic "Click" to Login or Register 
This may be a little off-topic for this forum but I was wondering about the quality of today's Hamilton automatics.
The ones that I have seen are vary attractive and inexpensive as far as automatics go.
Would like to hear opinions
Thanks in advance.

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They are of fine quality, at least the ones I've seen. Remember, however, that they are entirely of Swiss construction, with ETA movements. Hamilton has been owned by the Swatch Group for over 35 years.
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Hello Mike,

You're right on-topic my friend. Smile

As Adam and Larry mentioned the modern style Hamiltons as well as their retro-designs are quality watches with ETA movements. Several of our members including René Rondeau and John McElhenny sell them new.

I'm sure they and others can answer any questions you have.


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Thanks for all the great information. I think that I have settled on the unobtrusive, very functional Khaki that will fit in well with my style.

I have never owned a leather strap watch before but I understand that the straps on the Hamilton are like Coach leather.
Posts: 79 | Location: Kensington, Maryland USA | Registered: March 08, 2005
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Hamilton went through some ups and downs in the 1980s and 1990s but with new (and stable) management in place since around 2000 they've made huge strides, both in quality and design. The biggest change was abandoning plated base metal cases for stainless steel and sometimes gold.

With tried-and-true ETA movements, stainless cases, and mineral glass or sapphire crystals, they offer remarkable value for the price.
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