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Breitling Mata-Rangi Limited Edition Watch "Click" to Login or Register 
, by David Johnson (created on )Gallery | Comments 
You will normally find me in the pocket watch section but recently I purchased some wrist watches that I plan to sell on eBay. They are all new or new old stock pieces in their boxes.

The pick of the lot is the Breitling I am showing here. I thought I would present a few of these pieces to you with some questions I have and get some expert opinions so that my auction listing will be accurate.

From the research I have done, this chrono sextant watch was made in recognition of the Mata-Rangi Expedition. Breitling has labeled this watch "Chrono Sextant Special Edition - Official Chronograph of the Mata-Rangi Expedition (meaning) "The Eyes Of Paradise".

From what I can determine, this expedition involved the reproduction of a large sea going vessel built of woven reeds and measuring approximately 40 meters and weighing 100 tons. It was built to determine if ancient civilizations could travel across the Atlantic Ocean in search of other cultures and lands. It looks like the first attempt took place in 1998 which failed with two additional attempts taking place until 2003. I can only assume this watch was produced sometime within this period. Can anyone closer date it for me? I can find no dates in the paperwork.

What is especially interesting to me is that this series was limited to a total production of 1000 pieces. The watch I have is only the sixth piece produced (#0006 - Ref #B55047/G157!

Typically, pieces with single digit serial numbers are quite desirable, at least in vintage sets. Do you think that will apply with this watch as well? I am curious to hear your opinions. Any input is really appreciated!

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