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Picture of John Reed
Thank you very much. I appreciate your words of welcome, advice, and encouragement.

I have a copy of the 2008 Shugart Watch Guide on the way.

My Hamilton Boulton arrived yesterday. It is a beautiful watch, in mint condition. Unfortunately, the plastic crystal came off in transit. The dealer assures me that this is an easy fix. (I don't doubt that.) Would a glass crystal be available for his watch? I would much prefer a glass crystal if that were an option.

So my quest for a good watch repair person begins sooner rather than later.

I don't have a digital camera at the moment, a situation that I hope to rememdy soon, at which time I'll post pictures of the watches for your feedback.
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Because this model is one of the most popular Hamilton's, plastic GS crystals are very available and inexpensive. I custom cut and fitted glass or mineral glass crystal could be made. I personally always prefer a real glass crystal. I use Murhpy's Crystal service in Ceres California. You can find the address on www.whitepages.com. If you can't, I can post the address here when I get back into town. They do great work, turn around time is 10 days, and cost is under $30.00.

Bill Hansen
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