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Another Dumb Question....Probably. "Click" to Login or Register 
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I have heard from different sources, over the years, that when removing your wristwatch for the evening, you should lay the watch on it's edge with the stem in the up position. Is there any truth to this or is it an old 'wifes tale'????

Any comments?

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I've never heard of this personally Jerry, but I would say it was of far less importance than taking care Not to wind a watch at night having just taken it off.

It would still be warm from body heat, so if the mainspring was fully wound, it would have high stresses placed upon it as it cooled and contracted, and probably the principal cause of springs breaking.

I suppose if the watch was placed 'dial up', the balance pivot would eventually 'pit' the endstone, and would be better positoned on its edge to have the pivots run on the walls of the jewels.

Just my 2 penn'orth FWIW.

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