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IHC Member 1063
What should you reasonably expect from a vintage watch as far as timekeeping accuracy is concerned? While I've heard that anything within a minute a day is acceptable, I've had watches that were not exactly chronometer grade but were deadly accurate.

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Picture of Jerry King
Hey Dana,

I used to wonder about that also but I finally decided that it didn't matter unless it was one of my carry wathces....

If a watch runs for 30 - 40 hours on a full wind then I don't care about it's daily accuracy that much.... Big Grin

You can adjust the heck out of them and get good accuracy and for what purpose....

Like the old saying goes, "that's close enough for government work".... Wink

I think others will give different opinions and that is what makes this forum so great, but it all boils down to "personal preferrences"....

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Maybe I'm not fussy enough, but if my collector watch runs I am very happy about it. I want it to run but, if it is fairly accurate I am ecstatic. If I have a choice, I would rather have the watch clean and looking great than keeping real accurate time.
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i agree with whats been said I don't care much either.

In my view you can get fanatical about it. I couple of minutes or so a day is fine by me.
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I fear I may have crossed the line and become obsessed about it. I seem to be able to tolerate +/- 15 seconds per day. Do I need therapy?

Posts: 242 | Location: Massachusetts in the USA | Registered: February 07, 2008
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Dana - a little OCD never hurt anybody. Wink I should know!
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I suffer from the same ailment. In the last year I've finally located another person who does nice work, so this has helped a great deal. I'm wearing a green engraved Hamilton Tonneau today that I got back from service 1 week ago, and it runs about 15-20 seconds fast per day. If you do need therapy, I know a good doctor in south-western Ohio.


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