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OK NOW, HERE'S A WRISTWATCH WINNER! "Click" to Login or Register 
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Sure looks great to me, what do you say?

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This is a beautiful Hamilton Ventura.

Is it me, or is there a crystal on this watch? Black dials are very difficult to photograph, and removing the crystal often helps to educate the prospective buyer about the quality of the dial. Hamilton Ventura Crystals are an easy find. They appear regularly on ebay, and several on-line watch sellers supply this crystal.

Note the "wings" or the bezel of this watch. This looks sharp, and not overly buffed.

This is one of the great Hamilton Electrics. The price of these watches have been heading in one direction: UP.

The watch was introduced in January of 1957, so we are approaching the 50th anniversary of the introduction of this first electric watch.....the "watch of the future".

The Ventura was designed by Richard Arbib. Mr. Jeff Hess, our resident expert both this amazing designer, and the Hamilton electric watch, will hopefully add more to the discussion.

Finally, this watch has the 500 movement....the early (first) electric. It appears to have a serial number. It would be interesting to know how "early" this movement is. The hands on the watch are consistent with the very early examples of the Ventura. They are flat, and don't have the "pinched" quality. (Here again is where I need help, as these are my descriptions of the hands, and likely not the true/real names).

The Ventura is about 30 years newer than the Hamilton Spur. Both are amazing designs.

How great to see a beautiful example available.

Finally....I've bought from this seller. I've been very, very pleased.

It will sell for: $1955.00


Bill Hansen
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it looks to me as if the crystal has been removed. If you look carefully at the crystal recess you can see the residual cement and also the bottom edges of the recess.

Here's a tip I use to look closely at watches on the web. I've got a 17" Flat LCD screen with a fine pixel resolution , in addition to this I also use a magifying glass when I want a closer view.


Dave Freeman
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