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Elgin Watch Owned by Football Legend "Click" to Login or Register 
Forum, Please tell me what you think of this Elgin. It was presented to George H. Sauer of college and NFL football fame for his role as co-coach of the East West Shrine Game in 1947. Unless you know football you might not be impressed ... but he is in the college football Hall of Fame, played for the Green Bay Packers, and was the play personnel director for the 1969 Super Bowl Champion New York Jets. His son played football too. I know about the man, now what do you think of the watch? Here it is:
George H Sauer Elgin Watch

Thanks! If anyone knows the model name or year it would be greatly appreciated. I know this is no Patek :-) ... but as a sport psychologist I loved the football connection.

John F. Murray
Posts: 48 | Location: Palm Beach, Florida in the USA | Registered: April 28, 2008
Bit bland, but I like the curve of the crystal.

But I can see that's not the appeal, personally I like watches with dedications on the back, gives them a sense of history, even if on a 30s watch to think that they're probably all dead now.. How depressing, but anyway, re: the age, this website gives the age for the serial numbers of the movement,

Posts: 106 | Location: Widnes, United Kingdom | Registered: April 02, 2008
Picture of Sheila Gilbert

I love Elgins, and I also love (or used to love) football. (only because have little time for it these days)

So for me, I like it a lot.

I really enjoy seeing anything "vintage football" and of course, Vintage Elgins are my passion. I really like the shape of this watch, and it's got that fantastic inscription on it. I REALLY like inscriptions and names and any kind of history on a watch.

She's a sweet one and I would snatch it up if I could.

You would need the serial number from the movement to know the information about the watch, so if you find out, let us know and we can tell you more. You could use the site Stephen mentioned, or the Elgin site database.
Good luck!

Posts: 3094 | Location: La Plata, Maryland U.S.A. | Registered: May 22, 2004
thanks Sheila ... I will post the serial number as soon as I get it Wink

John F. Murray
Posts: 48 | Location: Palm Beach, Florida in the USA | Registered: April 28, 2008
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