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Anyone heard of Locman or Aqua Masters wristwatches? "Click" to Login or Register 
Picture of Stephanie O'Neil
Earlier this week while I was at the Helen Brett Jewelry Show, I looked at Locman and Aqua Masters wristwatches for sale. I think both are Italian made. The Locmans retailed for $3500 and sold at $1800. and the Aqua Masters retailed lower and sold at around $900. I was estonished by the price. Eek They were pretty and had exaggerated numbers, and were rather large rectangle in shape. Smile These are new watches and both quartz.

Has anyone heard of either make? Confused Just wondering!

Stephanie O'Neil
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Picture of Lindell V. Riddle

Quartz movements can vary a lot in quality. There are non-jeweled, 2-jewel and even 7-jewel versions. Some are remarkable timekeepers. There are many other ways to go as well.

Here are the Lockman watches on the internet. (I was not too impressed) http://www.orolus.com/locman.shtml

If I were buying a new quartz watch I'd stick with a name like Seiko or check out the new line of Bulova Accutrons...


If you're after a really great fashion look at a reasonable price, check out the Hamilton line. That's right Hamilton...


Highly recommended if you have a lot to spend is Bob Wingate's. They also have vintage pocket and wrist watches...


Stephanie, there are far more choices today than ever! More than you might imagine. Just keep your eyes wide open and your wits about you. But of course you should do that with every decision!

Happy Hunting!


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Picture of Stephanie O'Neil

Thanks for the "heads up" on quartz wristwatches and for the live links; especially the Hamilton link as I surely enjoyed seeing Elvis's 1957 Ventura wristwatch Hamilton now has in their possession. Cool Cool Interesting! I can only dream of Ventura wristwatches but one day I hope to include a Ventura in my wristwatch collection. Smile I need to do more research on Venturas. I may even start a thread on

Actually, I do not have a desire to purchase any "new" wristwatches. I was window shopping at the show so to speak. I'm afraid I'm stuck in the vintage or antique mode and really, proud of it as I love collecting vintage wristwatches and antique pocketwatches. Smile I'm not telling you something you already know huh? Ha! Big Grin Big Grin

Stephanie O'Neil
NAWCC Member 143979
Posts: 1419 | Location: New Orleans, Louisiana USA | Registered: April 01, 2003
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