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Question regarding Gruen Curvex dials "Click" to Login or Register 
is there a refinisher out there that is noted for their work on Gruen Curvex Dials? Thanks in advance for you help.
Posts: 292 | Location: Vancouver, Washington, USA | Registered: May 19, 2005
Try Kirk-Rich of Los Angeles for any important dial refinish. They are expensive but do great work.Go to their website for estinmate and other information.
Posts: 653 | Location: St Paul, Minnesota in the USA | Registered: May 04, 2004
Hello Michael,
I would try International Dial, I had my last two dials refinished by them and it was an outstanding job and fast turn around time.
5 years ago I would have said Kirk dial as I used to use them alot (and they are only 5 minutes from my home) but since their move from downtown LA the quality from days past has all but gone.

Posts: 1499 | Location: Rancho Cucamonga, California USA | Registered: December 20, 2006
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I used kirk once Frown

A Gentleman called Franco who came highly recommended, you may want to email him with a photo of the dial paganco@fastwebnet.it
There is one also in Germany that is getting good reviews from the Watchmakers currently will try and find his details.
Posts: 2625 | Location: Northeast Texas in the USA | Registered: November 20, 2003
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