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What Elgin cases are correct for a 1948 movement? "Click" to Login or Register 
IHC Life Member
What Elgin cases are correct for a 1948 movement?

Yep!! I'm a "Newbie"!
Anyway, if someone could direct me in the proper direction - I would appreciate it!

I have a couple of 555 and 556 Elgin movements that I could make a good movement out of, and case it.

I would like to find out what would be all the correct choices for a 1948 vintage case. ?Wonder why 1948 is important to me?!!

Thank You in advance!

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Hi Paul,

Welcome to Chapter 185 participation!

My impression 1948 may be your vintage as well as that of the watch you'd like to assemble!

I'm more a pocket watch guy so I don't have much in the reference information on wrist watches. Sounds like an Elgin catalog or something of that nature would help. Hopefully someone else with more information will weigh in on this interesting topic.

Again, welcome we're glad to have you with us.


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The movements will fit in any 8/0 case. I am guessing that Elgin made at least 100 or more different cases for 8/0 movements the trick will be finding the case for the dials you have. Since none of Elgins cases were marked with a date it will not be possible to date one to 1948. You can use the watch guide for getting close.

Rich Kuhn
IHC Member 155

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